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Church Altar and tabernacle stand – day 6

Well, I didn’t have much time to work last night, but I did pull the clamps to see how the repair on the veneer worked. Surprisingly some of my painter’s tape remained stuck to the wood. I think it was more from the clamp pressure than the glue sticking to it. Note to self, “Don’t use cheap painter’s tape.” Just the cheap green stuff, I got from Rockler, had a problem. Not the regular blue tape. I took a few minutes to scrape it up with a chisel and then sanded down the few high spots with my orbital sander. I wiped down the surface with Naphtha to highlight the grain and see if there were any glue spots that needed additional sanding. This also gives you an idea what everything will look like when the polyurethane is applied.

Naphtha wipe-down

Naphtha wipe-down

Attaching the last two pieces of veneer

Attaching the last two pieces of veneer

I applied glue to the last two pieces of veneer and clamped them down. After the glue had set up, I pulled off the clamps and boards to find one or two spots that needed additional attention. I squeezed a bit of hide glue into the seams then covered them with my blue tape and clamped them down to let dry for the rest of the day.

Repairing the last two pieces of veneer

Repairing the last two pieces of veneer

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