Midnight Woodworking


St. Kilian chapel – Ambry – part 4

Stain is dry so I set up the spray booth and got prepped for finish.

I set up my knock-down workbench to hold everything and put it all up on painter’s pyramids.

Loaded up the polyurethane in my sprayer and ditched the watch and phone.

Can’t forget the proper PPE. Hat and long sleeves to protect the hair (what’s left anyway) and respirator to protect the lungs.

Then a few minutes of piece and quiet spraying everything down.

When the first side was sprayed, I flipped everything over on the pyramids to get the other sides.

After the first coat is dry, in between spray coats, I sand all the surfaces with 400 grit sandpaper. This preps the surface for better bonding of the second coat and it removes any dust that may have settled into the finish while drying.

Then I wipe all of the dust off and apply the second coat of polyurethane.

The next day, when everything was dry, I rubbed down all of the wood surfaces with brown paper to buff it all smooth.

Then it was finally time to unmask and see what everything looks like.

After the masking tape was removed, I used some glass cleaner to polish it all up.

This cabinet looks completely different with the glass revealed.

Time to install the hardware. I pressed in the shelf supports while the back was still off, then screwed on the door hinge.

I added a drop of CA glue to the knob before installing to lock the threads in place.

After installing the door catch, I flipped the cabinet over and brushed glue along the masked off area where the back will go.

Half a dozen screws later and the back was installed. The beauty of pre-finishing is glue cleanup is really easy.

Last step was to add the shelves. Perfect fit!

I really like the way this cabinet turned out. I was really nervous at the start, but it appears that all of my joinery choices seem like they worked really well.



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