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Park bench slats – delivered and installed

A few weeks ago, I made a set of park bench slats for a very nice lady, Lena,  in Southern Florida. She sent me some pictures, of the state her park bench was in, and asked if I could make a new set of wooden slats. I noticed in the signature line of her emails that she was a photographer, so I asked if she could take a few pictures of the bench as her and her husband restored it.


Here are the pictures of the existing bench.




These were the unfinished slats that I sent them.

Lena’s husband dismantled the bench, then scraped, sanded, and cleaned up all the old metal parts.
The parts were then primed and painted a nice glossy red.
They also finished the slats with several coats of a clear exterior varnish. I think it turned out fantastic!



I want to thank Lena for the beautiful pictures. Check out some more of her work at Lena Isely Photography, Inc.

I have gotten a lot of inquires from people wanting to buy replacement slats. If you would rather buy them instead of building your own, check out my friend Bryan: Atkins and Sons park bench slats. Anyone interested in building your own, please continue reading.

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