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Oak storage cabinet – day 12

Ok, last day to spray. I have two coats applied to the shelves and sides.

Shelf with two coats

Shelf with two coats

They look really good, but I am going to apply a third coat anyway. An extra layer of protection never hurts.

Sides with two coats

Sides with two coats

I prepped the surface by sanding down the dust nibs with a scotch-brite pad.

Prepping for the last coat

Prepping for the last coat

The third coat went on quickly and used up nearly all of the urethane that I had left in the can. This project took 3 quarts of polyurethane, using the sprayer.

Final spray

Final spray

With the spraying done, I got started with the clean-up. This is my least favorite part of the project. I hate working with solvents.  I soaked the main parts of the sprayer in lacquer thinner, like the instructions said to do. Everything cleaned up nice and shiny, even after having polyurethane sitting in the gun for a week. I also took a thinner soaked rag to the sprayer and the hose. It was sticky all over from the spray settling down on it. The air intake filter, on the bottom, had an 1/8″ thick layer of polyurethane foam built up on it. I had to soak it in the thinner for a few minutes to work the gunk out.

Clean-up time

Clean-up time

It didn’t take as much effort as I anticipated. It cleaned up rather easily. The only real problem was the pack of nitrile gloves that I have. They completely fell apart in the thinner after only a minute or two. I guess I need to invest in some heavier duty gloves.

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