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Oak storage cabinet – day 11

I determined that all of the pieces, that I have been spraying, are acceptable. I spent some time Jockeying everything around, moving all of my finished pieces out to the garage, and setting up the sides and the shelves for spraying.

Adding feet to the sides

Adding feet to the sides

I want to finish all of the spraying this weekend, and hopefully deliver and install next week. I determined that the only way to do that, would be to spray both sides at once. I grabbed a bunch of scrap wood and some screws, and got to work. For the larger side pieces, I attached one triangular-shaped piece of plywood. I used two screws so the support wouldn’t pivot. I attached it to an edge that would not be visible, so it wouldn’t matter if it did not get sprayed.

Adding feet to the shelves

Adding feet to the shelves

For the shelves, I went with a smaller piece of wood. Again, I used two screws. Since there wasn’t an additional piece of oak attached to either side, like the side pieces, I pre-drilled first to insure that I did not split the plywood.

Shelves, self supported

Shelves, self supported

Since the shelves have a large lip from the edge-banding, I intend to spray one side, then pick up the shelves by the lip, and move them off to the side. This should leave me plenty of room to move around.

Free-standing sides

Free-standing sides

I was able to do the same thing with the sides. Since they had trim attached, I sprayed the inside first, then moved them by the lip under the trim, to leave room to spray the other side.

Working in a fog...

Working in a fog…

I really like the speed and consistency of this sprayer, but it sure does vaporize a good deal of my finish. I probably used three times as much as I would with a brush. You can see the fog that I work in when spraying. I am really glad that I decided to invest in a respirator for this project. The big problem that I keep having is the vapor lands all over me, while I am working. My arm hair feels like it is covered in hair spray. It is disgusting. I need to invest in a few sets of disposable overalls.

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