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Oak storage cabinet – day 10

My shop is basically useless while I am finishing the cabinet, so I haven’t been doing much. I let the first coat set for a day to cure, and sanded everything down with a scotch-brite pad to prep for the second coat.

Sanding down the first coat

Sanding down the first coat

I haven’t sprayed polyurethane before, so I am still learning what settings and thicknesses I need to use. I am not sure if the dull luster comes from the thin first coat, or the sprayer not being set properly.

Prepped for second coat

Prepped for second coat

I went ahead and applied a second coat, but the outcome was the same. The pieces that were standing on their sides turned out pretty good, but the doors have a flat sheen.

Face frame

Face frame

I applied three coats of spray to the things on edge, then flipped them to start the back sides.

Rear panel

Rear panel

The door seems to be getting more of a textured finish. I believe the problem is that I need to use the smaller needle in my sprayer. This will atomize the spray further making the mist finer. I believe the mist in the air is landing on the doors after my spraying is complete. This would explain why it is only happening to the doors which are laying flat. For the third coat on the doors, I applied a brush coat instead. That gave me the final finish that I was looking for.

Third coat on the doors

Third coat on the doors

I did a spray with the current 1.5mm needle for the first coat, on the back of the doors, but I intend to switch to the 1.0mm needle this evening to see if I get different results.

First coat on the back

First coat on the back

I probably won’t be posting every day while I am finishing, I will take a few pictures of the process, and post as I have visible progress. No sense posting pictures of the same thing every day…

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