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Church Altar and tabernacle stand – day 17

I had a little time, last night. Not enough to run the trim for the altar on the Carvewright (3.5 hours), but enough to cut down and install the trim for the tabernacle stand.

Re-sawing the trim

Re-sawing the trim

Since the trim was carved on a 3/4″ thick piece of walnut, I needed to resaw it down to 5/16″, then run it through the planer to get it down to the 1/4″ I require.

Planing down to 1/4"

Planing down to 1/4″

Ripping each individual piece of trim

Ripping each individual piece of trim

Next, I ripped each individual strip of trim on the table saw then cut them to length on the miter saw.

Cutting to length

Laying out the trim

Laying out the trim

I laid out the trim on the tabernacle stand. Then cut the miters on the long piece, in the front, along with the adjacent pieces.

Checking the miters

Checking the miters

Applying the glue

Applying the glue

When I trimmed them to where I was happy, I applied glue to both surfaces and attached the front piece with my 23 gauge pin nailer.

Pin nailing the trim

Pin nailing the trim

I worked from front to back down each side, cutting the miters slightly long, then resizing them a little at a time untill they fit perfectly. I saved the little piece in the back for last. The back piece was the hardest to size because it had to fit between two other pieces. I actually cut an extra little piece in case there was a problem. Luckily it worked out fairly well and I didn’t have to use the back-up piece.

This one is done

This one is done

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