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More pub chairs – day 11

I pulled apart the dry-fit parts and started glueing this chair up today.

Glueing it up

Glueing it up

With everything clamped in place, I drilled the 3/8″ plug hole first, then the pilot hole for the screw next. Then, I came back with a larger bit and drilled a clearance hole for the screw threads in the legs.

Drilling the plug, pilot, and clearance holes

Drilling the plug, pilot, and clearance holes


Screwing it up...

Screwing it up…

I use 3″ wood screws for most of the assembly, and 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws to hold on the bottom stretchers.

Attaching the bottom stretchers

Attaching the bottom stretchers

The front legs do not quite finish out flush to the sculpted seat. The Freud sandpaper that I have for my orbital has been fairly useless at doing much more than final sanding so I took a trip to Lowes today and picked up some new stuff. Shopsmith has started making a new more durable ceramic sandpaper. I picked up several different grits to try out. I hit the leg tops and the left edge of the seat to try to even everything out.

Need to clean up the leg tops

Need to clean up the leg tops

The new paper worked great. In just a minute or two, I had everything blended down perfectly flush. I switched to a higher grit and finished it up.

New sandpaper works great

New sandpaper works great

Well, chair number one of this batch is assembled and ready for plugs. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be able to get the plugs made and installed, then start on chair number two.

One down, one more to go

One down, one more to go

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