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More pub chairs – day 10

I started out today by marking and cutting the rest of the pieces I need to get these chairs assembled.

Marking the cross pieces

Marking the leg spacers

The first pieces I did were the 5″ leg spacers. They needed to match the curve of the rear of the seat.

Cutting the cross pieces

Cutting the leg spacers


Sanding the cross pieces

Sanding the leg spacers


Marking more cross pieces

Marking the cross pieces

Next I marked and cut the cross pieces. They had a notch at one end and the other end needed to be marked and cut later during the assembly.

Cutting one of the notches

Cutting one of the notches


Marking the front legs

Marking the front legs

The last thing left to cut was the notches in the front legs.

Cutting all the notches

Cutting all the notches

Finally all of my pieces were cut and sanded.

All the pieces done and ready for assembly

All the pieces done and ready for assembly


Starting the assembly

Starting the assembly

I got most of the way through the assembly of the first chair before I decided to call it a day.

Drilling and screwing

Drilling and screwing


Nearly there

Nearly there

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