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More pub chairs – day 7

I didn’t get a chance to check on the epoxy yesterday. It seems to have cured pretty well. The tape held the form nicely.

The cured epoxy

The cured epoxy

So far, the best way that I have discovered to take down the dried epoxy is with a card scraper. My chisel wants to dig in too far and my plane tries to pull it out of the wood instead of shearing it. My plane may need sharpening though…

Scraping the epoxy

Scraping the epoxy

With the epoxy dealt with, I have one more thing I want to do tonight. I need to glue up the seats. Since I already laid out the order, I quickly set them on the clamps and start spreading the glue. One thing that happened on the last chair was a bit of shifting up and down of the seat boards when clamping pressure was applied. I left an inch of excess on each side that remains flat. I am going to clamp some cauls across them and see if I can halt the shifting. When the boards shift, the transition between oak and walnut in the center stripe, doesn’t line up. I am also not worried about glue squeeze-out sticking to my cauls. They are attached to the waste ends, so a few taps with the hammer should free them and any minor damage should be cut away when I cut the seat’s final shape.

Glueing the seat boards together

Glueing the seat boards together

Seat one done

Seat one done

Once again, I managed to use all of my clamps. I could use a couple more on the cauls, but this should suffice. I think that clamps may be at the top of my Christmas list this year.

Seat two done

Seat two done

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