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More pub chairs – day 6

I ran out this morning and picked up a new toy. Dewalt’s new 12″ sliding compound miter saw. Now I will be able to cross-cut all my larger lumber. My other miter saw would only cut 8″ wide stock. This baby will cut at least 14″. It is also a bit quieter than the other one.

My new saw

My new saw

Glueing up the front legs

Glueing up the front legs

With the new saw set-up, I got back on the pub chairs. I realized this morning that I had neglected to laminate wood for the front legs, so I cut and planed down the wood for them and glued them up.

Cutting out the back legs

Cutting out the back legs

With that done, I got back to the legs that I marked out yesterday. I cut them out on the band saw and rough sanded them on the spindle sander.

All four cut

All four cut

Sanding them down

Sanding them down

The last thing I am doing today is filling a know in one of the seat boards and some worm holes that are in one of the legs. I am using the two part epoxy that I used on the seat of the last pub chair. It turned out very nice on that one so I will try it again. Since the worm hole is in the corner, I used painters tape to hold the shape of the corner and keep the epoxy from oozing out. I will have to let you know tomorrow how that turns out.

Resin to fill knot and work holes

Resin to fill knot and work holes

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