Midnight Woodworking


High school woodworking class – day 6

I made up some blocks to use as French cleats, to hang the picture. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to hang so I took off the day before our last class and asked the church maintenance guy, Ryan to give me a hand.

The picture was a tight fit in the frame. I planned on a little clearance room, but it still just barely fit.

To add rigidity to the frame and hold the picture in place, I added two vertical struts, with pocket screws.

Ryan hung over the balcony to hold the cleats in place for me to drill the pilot holes.

There are steel studs in the wall, but I am using these hangers to make sure it won’t pull out.

With the bottom blocks in attached, we set the top blocks in place on them.

We gently rested the frame in place, then I screwed some finish screws through the frame into the top blocks.

The top blocks are now attached to the frame and will stay with it if it needs to be removed. Glad we didn’t try to install it during the class. It over an hour, and it wasn’t all that safe to hang off of an 8′ ladder. The frame must weigh around 80 – 100 pounds.

The last day of class started with one of the students getting started on his pen while I explained the process of assembling our catapults.

The first step was to sand the round edges on the arm.

Next step was to install the hook eyes.

Everybody is getting more comfortable with the tools so I could let them spread out and work on sanding and prepping the parts for assembly.

I even had time to take a selfie with my buddy Dejan, who was just managing to stay awake after working the night shift… He is usually my camera man for the class.

When all of the sanding was done, it was time to start applying glue and assembling.

Kaleb finished up his pen and got a late start on sanding his parts, while the rest of us started playing with the brad nailer…

Once I showed them how the nailer worked, they all took a turn nailing on the sides, then we pulled off the clamps.


Kaleb showed off his pen and Christopher got started on his.

Kaleb quickly caught up and got his catapult assembled.

While the last pen was being turned, I handed out the rubber bands and some large marshmallows.

Everybody had a blast shooting each other. Some only wanted to be targets with their mouths open…

Christopher finished up his pen as well and joined in.

When we saw my buddy Ryan ride by on his mower, I sent the kids to attack him with marshmallows, and to thank him for helping to hang the picture.

After we were all done chasing Ryan around, we took a walk up to the church so the teens could see their handy work hanging in the chapel.

This class was a lot of work, but the kids were great and they did a really good job.

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