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Baby sitar build – day 5

Five of the six coats of tung oil have been applied. Before I add the final coat, I want to drill out all of the holes for the hardware. I would have done this sooner, but I only just received the rest of the hardware that will be used.

Drilling pickup mounting holes

Drilling pickup mounting holes

The CNC program, that I created for this guitar placed pilot holes at most of the correct locations so I only needed to drill them out a bit larger to accommodate the screws. I did not want to locate pilot holes for the potentiometers until I knew which ones I would be using, so I left the control area blank in the program. Now that I have the volume and tone potentiometers, that I am using, I located them in the control pocket and drilled the correct size holes for them.

Drilling out volume and tone holes

Drilling out volume and tone holes

Straying away from the original jack location, in the face, I added one to the side, between the leg rest and the strap button location.

Drilling the hole for the jack

Drilling the hole for the jack

I gave the entire guitar body a good sanding with steel wool, then 400 grit sand paper.

Sanding the body with 400 grit

Sanding the body with 400 grit


Final coat number 6

Final coat number 6

I applied the sixth and final coat, then hung it out to dry.

Hung out to dry

Hung out to dry

Tomorrow, I will give it a good rub down with some paste wax, then install the hardware.

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