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Round table top – day 2

With the top cut down to its final shape, I have only to finish the top and bottom edges.

3/8" round-over

3/8″ round-over

For the top, I decided to go with a 3/8″ round-over bit.

Cutting the top radius

Cutting the top radius

After setting the bit up in the router, I ran the router all the way around the top, leaving a smooth round edge.

Top rounded over

Top rounded over

Since the bottom still had a sharp edge, I decided on a small 45 degree chamfer to break that edge as well.

Chamfering the bottom

Chamfering the bottom


Table edged

Table edged

All that is needed now is a bit of sanding.

Sanding the face

Sanding the face

I worked my way down from 80 grit to 220 grit sand paper on my orbital finish sander.

Sanding the edges

Sanding the edges


Sanded and ready for staining

Sanded and ready for staining

With the table top sanded, I flipped it upside down to start staining the bottom.
Staining the bottom
I used  Minwax Dark Walnut stain, rubbed on with a piece of an old tee-shirt. Old worn out tee shirts are soft and pretty close to lint free after being washed hundreds of times. They are perfect for finishing.

Bottom complete

Bottom complete

When the bottom was finished, I flipped the top over and let it rest on four painter’s pyramids.

Flipped over onto painter's pyramids

Flipped over onto painter’s pyramids

I finished staining the top and left it to cure. The quarter-sawn oak always has that beautiful tiger striping. The stain really accentuates it.

Top stained

Top stained

Hopefully the stain will be full cured by tomorrow and I can start applying the polyurethane.

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  1. Fr Jason
    November 14, 2014


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