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Laundry room cabinets

I actually started on three separate projects today. My main focus is going to be on a set of custom laundry room cabinets though.

This past week, I laid out what I am planning to build, to give me a cut list for wood. The PDF below shows the three overhead cabinets and a short pantry door below. There won’t actually be a pantry cabinet, just a front. That area has the potential to be exposed to water, in the event of a leak, so only cleaning supplies and maybe a vacuum will be behind that door.
cabinet layout.PDF
The overhead cabinets will be full boxes, set on a shelf that will be mounted to the side walls. There is a 3D PDF below that will give you a better idea what it will look like.
cabinet 3d.PDF
I picked up the materials a couple of days ago, and today, I will be breaking down the plywood.

Wood for the project

Wood for the project

I ripped a couple of the sheets of plywood, up the middle, in the long direction, to make the boards easier to handle.

Ripping down a sheet of plywood

Ripping down a sheet of plywood

I don’t have the room to cross-cut the plywood on the table saw, So I made sure my layout allowed me enough room to cut roughly 2′-3′ (depending on which sheet) off of one end, so I could cut the longer, left-over piece down to size on the table saw. I also cut the roughly 2′-3′ pieces to their correct sizes on the table saw, as well.

Cross-cutting with the circular saw

Cross-cutting with the circular saw

To cross-cut the long pieces, I made a simple straight edge jig so I could make the cut with the circular saw. I laid the plywood on a sheet of rigid foam insulation so my saw blade wouldn’t cut through the plywood into anything important.

Cross-cutting with the table saw

Cross-cutting with the table saw

Hopefully, I will be more productive tomorrow and get some boards cut for the face frame.

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