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A couple of new tools

I have had a lot of projects recently that have kept me out of the shop. I have also been waiting on my wood supplier to pull together some oak for my next couple of projects. I picked up a load of oak and plywood yesterday, so I should be back in the shop by this weekend. I have four or five new projects that are all hitting at the same time, so I will be busy.

I hope everyone had a nice father’s day. I thought I would show off my father’s day presents, from my three boys. Bessey clamps will no longer be sold at Lowes, they are giving the distribution rights to Home depot. So a couple of weeks ago Lowes had all of their Bessey clamps at bargain clearance prices. I was a little slow getting in on the sale and only managed to get one clamp at my local Lowes, but my wife and kids drove to a couple more and found a few still available, and picked them up for father’s day. I also had a gift card for Highland woodworking, so I bought the two 24″ Revo K, parallel clamps to add to my new collection.

My new pile of clamps

My new pile of clamps

Another new addition, to my shop, is this Rikon 62-400 air filtration system.  I have a mini-split heat pump on order, that will be installed in my shop soon. It is large enough to heat/cool my shop and garage. I purchased the air filter to mount in front of the intake of the new heat pump in an effort to cut down on the saw dust clogging the heat pump’s filter. I am not entirely sure where the heat pump will be mounted yet, but the air filter will be in the way, sitting on my bench or floor, so I am going to hang it approximately where I think it will be, then move it later if I need to.

My new Rikon 62-400

My new Rikon 62-400


Easy way to screw hooks in

Easy way to screw hooks in

Installation was easy. Basically I needed to mount four hooks to hang four chains, that hook to the top of the unit. I cheated with the hook installation. I used a Drill adaptor, used for installing eye lag screws for a drop ceiling. It is basically a split tube with a sliding sleeve around the outside. I just set the hook in the slot, lining the threads up with the center of the adaptor, and screwed the hook right into the floor joists, above.

Hooks installed

Hooks installed

I set the hooks on the chains, where I wanted them, and hung up the unit.

Up and running

Up and running

I plugged it in and fired it up. It runs quietly and doesn’t vibrate the floor above. Hopefully it will also save me a lot of air filters of the new heat pump.

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