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A couple of new tools

I got some new tools today and I wanted to open them and get them set up. I ordered a few things this week and they are starting to arrive. I have a 20 gallon air compressor that I use around the shop, but it is loud and not very portable, so I ordered the Dewalt 55140 from Home Depot.

Scroll saw and compressor

Scroll saw and compressor

When my 10-year old Adam saw it, he said: “Oh, Isn’t it cute?” It was, just a little thing, but way heavier than I expected. Still quite portable though.

The Dewalt D55140

The Dewalt D55140

This is a smaller one, just a 1-gallon tank. I fired it up and grabbed my pin nailer to test it out. This thing is incredibly quiet compared to my other compressor. It sounds like a refrigerator running. I fired the pin nailer a couple dozen times, fairly rapidly, to see how much it would draw down the pressure. As long as I fired one per second or slower, it would hover right at 80 pounds. It would go lower if I fired faster, but I don’t think I would ever have a need to. It would only take a second or two to recharge back up to 100 psi.

Testing it out

Testing it out

It has a reel on the side for storing the cord, and the air valve has a large, easy to use knob. I think this little guy will work perfectly for my needs. I won’t be running two guns at once on it, but I shouldn’t have a need…

Stand on its side...

Stand on it’s side…

My other new arrival today is the Excalibur 21″ scroll saw from General International. I ordered it at Woodcraft the other day, and my buddy Jim picked it up today in Leesburg, VA on his way to meet me for lunch. Thanks again Jim for saving me over two hours of driving.

All of the parts for the stand

All of the parts for the stand

Before I can open this thing up, I needed to assemble the stand. It was a bit of a pain to put together. The directions were easier to follow if you just looked at the pictures. Reading it just confused things. There were typos that had you using the adjustable feet as cross bars. Also, you need to remember to leave all of the nuts loose until you assemble everything.

Fully assembled

Fully assembled


This guy is huge!

This guy is huge!

I bought this guy sight unseen. I was surprised, when I opened it up, at the size. This saw was nearly 3′ long, and very heavy. That is a good thing for keeping down vibration, but a bad thing for finding it a home in my shop. I also ordered a stationary drill press. When that arrives next week, I am probably going  to remove my side bench that currently houses my bench top power tools.

Assembled and ready to go

Assembled and ready to go

I got it all assembled in about an hour. No time to put it through its paces today. Maybe tomorrow though.

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