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Altar cloth and storage cabinets – day 16

The last coat of polyurethane went on last night.

Doors complete

Doors complete

The doors are actually finished, so I set them outside the spray booth. With a Scotch-Brite pad, I sand down all of the finished surfaces to remove any dust nibs and smooth out the surface. Any other wood and I would use steel wool, but white oak will start to turn black if I leave a piece of metal stuck in the wood’s grain.

Sanding down the first coat

Sanding down the first coat

I blew through my second quart of finish and all of the cabinet’s main components were done.

Second coat sprayed on

Second coat sprayed on

The grain of the white oak pops out so nicely when the polyurethane is applied.

The grain just pops

The grain just pops

Sanding down the spindles

Sanding down the spindles

The last things to finish are the spindles. I sand the surface and apply the last coat with a foam brush.

Urethaning the last piece...

Urethaning the last piece…

Hopefully I will be able to re-assemble the hardware tonight or tomorrow. The cabinets will have the weekend to cure, then they will be delivered early next week.

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