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Rob’s end tables – day 5 – complete

Rob went out yesterday and picked up a couple of cans of spray paint to finish up these end tables. Since I am building some cabinets on the other side of the shop, my make-shift spray booth was a large piece of cardboard and three bed sheets. It kept the over-spray off of everything, but the fumes still managed to creep through the house.

First coat - bottom

First coat – bottom

I grabbed two five-gallon buckets to raise the tables up and Rob sprayed the bottoms first. He left the edges unpainted so that we could flip them over without messing up the paint. We placed painter’s pyramids under each leg to raise them off the floor.

First coat - top

First coat – top

The first coat went on fairly quickly.

First coat complete

First coat complete

We took about a half-hour break (or so…) to let the paint dry, before applying the next coat.

second coat

second coat

The Rustoleum paint, Rob bought, covered really well, and dried to the touch fairly quickly. After an hour or two, we had applied the third coat to the top and legs. I went back down in the morning to apply a second coat to the underside, and the tables were done. We used exactly one can each covering the tables.

Third and final coat

Third and final coat

I think they turned out pretty good. Rob is eager to get them over to his house and start using them, but I think we will give them a day or so to cure, and let the fumes dissipate a bit.

Finished end table

Finished end table

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