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Altar cloth and storage cabinets – day 6

I had a few hours to play in the shop yesterday, so I pulled the clamps off of the drawer faces, and planed them down to 3/4″.

Planing down the drawer faces

Planing down the drawer faces

Once planed, I clamped them all together and cut them to the exact length.

Cutting the faces to length

Cutting the faces to length

I set the drawer faces aside for now, so I can move on to the next batch of things to be sized. All that I have left to process is the front face frames, and the drawer bodied. Once all of them are milled down, I can start pulling all of this together into two cabinets.

Cutting and laying out the face frames

Cutting and laying out the face frames

I sifted through my pile of 4″ to 7″ wide boards to find the best grain and color matches for the front face of the cabinet. The less pretty boards can be used for the drawer frames since they will be seldom seen. I ripped down several boards, and cut them to a few inches over-sized for planing.

Milling down the frames

Milling down the frames

The boards will all be cut to the correct length once the main body of both cabinets  has been assembled.

Another bag of dust...

Another bag of dust…

Of course, all of the planing has generated another 20 gallons of sawdust or so.

Kindling anyone?

Kindling anyone?

I also have the added benefit of a massive pile of off-cuts. The thinner, more useless pieces will be cut down for kindling. Kiln dried oak makes fantastic kindling if anyone wants some. I seem to have an unending supply…

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