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Rob’s end tables – day 4

Due to bad weather and work, Rob hasn’t been able to come out and work on his end tables for a couple of weeks. He got a few hours to work on them last night, so he assembled the second table.

Assembling the legs

Assembling the legs

We assembled the first table a couple of weeks ago, and he has been testing it out.

Attaching the top

Attaching the top

We only needed to sand out one ring form somebody’s drink… No big deal since he had to sand all of the edges anyway.

A final sanding

A final sanding

Deep concentration

Deep concentration

Rob took his time and sanded every surface that looked even a little rough. When he was done, we stood the two tables side by side. He seemed genuinely surprised that they matched perfectly. There are a few mistakes here and there, but even though this was Rob’s project, most of the mistakes were mine, so we won’t dwell on them… Rob seems to think that the mistakes give the table “character”. If he is happy, then so am I. It will just be a lesson for the next project.

Look at that, they match!

Look at that, they match!

I put together a stain and paint sample board last week, to give Rob something to compare to his entertainment center at home. I think we are going with the flat black enamel paint with two coats of urethane over it. You will be able to see just a hint of the grain through it, and it will have a durable protective clear coat as well.

Stain/paint sample board

Stain/paint sample board

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