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Altar cloth and storage cabinets – day 5

I only had an hour or two to work yesterday, so I decided to glue up my drawer faces.

matching up boards for drawer faces

matching up boards for drawer faces

Step one was to cull through my pile of wood to find five matching pairs of boards. Some people like chaotic grains and colors, I prefer to have everything match as closely as possible. My boards range from 4″ wide to 7″. The drawer faces will be 8″ wide total. I rip all of my pieces down to 4″ wide, so they will be split right down the middle of the panel when joined.

Ripping them down to 4" wide

Ripping them down to 4″ wide


Gang clamping two panels at a time

Gang clamping two panels at a time

Since I have a limited number of clamps, I will be gang clamping two sets of faces at a time.

Fixing a crack

Fixing a crack

One of my boards had a rather significant crack that I couldn’t avoid. I used a chisel to force the crack wider then applied a piece of painter’s tape to the back (to catch glue squeeze-out). I forced some glue down into the crack, then removed the chisel. I proceeded to clamp this face up just like the rest. It should be invisible once the face has been planed.

All the drawer faces clamped up

All the drawer faces clamped up

I should have some time this evening to pull the clamps and plane the faces down.

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