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Dining room table extension rails – day 2

I pulled the clamps from the rails, after they spent the last day drying. To flatten out the edges, I ran my 2″ wide chisel down the face to remove the majority of the glue squeeze-out.

Scraping the squeeze-out

Scraping the squeeze-out

This gave me a flat surface to run through the planer.

Planing down the edges

Planing down the edges

All cleaned up

All cleaned up

After the planer removed the rest of the glue and all of the saw marks, I was left with some very sharp corners. Since these rails will be mounted beneath the table, I decided to chamfer all the edges. I wouldn’t want anyone to bang a knee into a sharp corner.

Chamfer with the block plane

Chamfer with the block plane

A dozen strokes with the block plane down each edge was enough to soften the corners.

Chamfered the ends as well

Chamfered the ends as well

Even though the ends will be up against the sides of the table apron, I chamfered them as well. Hopefully, I will be able to get out this weekend to install these rails, and see how well they work.

Rails complete

Rails complete

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