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My Redesigned Roorkhee chair – day 6

Not much going on today. I am just putting the second, and probably final coat of polyurethane on the chair. I began by sanding everything down with a scotch-brite pad to take down any raised grain and dust nibs.

Sanding down the first coat

Sanding down the first coat

Adam decided to keep me company by working on some of his own projects.

Adam, working on something

Adam, working on something

I applied the second coat of poly and left everything to dry. Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready for re-assembly.

Starting the second coat

Starting the second coat

Laying out the head rest

Laying out the head rest

One thing I wanted to do for this chair is add a pillow or head-rest of some sort. I decided on a tube-shaped pillow, with a tail, that I can throw over the back of the chair to either counter-balance the pillow and hold it up, or to be sewn on at a later date. I decided on a 5″ diameter pillow, so I cut some 6″ circles and had my wife sew them to a large rectangular piece, then we inverted the thing and stuffed it. After that, my wife sewed the tail into the open seam, by hand.

Stitching it up

Stitching it up

Tomorrow, when I get to put the chair back together, I will test out the pillow and let you know how it works. Its midnight again, so I am off to bed.

One funny looking pillow...

One funny looking pillow…

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