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More pub chairs – day 2

Only a few hours to play today. I pulled a couple of walnut boards off the rack for resawing. I need all of the walnut to be 1/4″ thick for the center lamination piece on all of the chair parts. I started by cutting to length, then planing the boards down on both sides. Next I set up the table saw and band saw to resaw the walnut the same way I did on the oak. With everything planed, I started the glue-up. I managed to use up every clamp I own on just the two leg laminations, so that is it for the night. The rest of the pieces are smaller so they should require far less clamps each…

Planing down the walnut

Planing down the walnut



Resawing the 1/4" center slice

Resawing the 1/4″ center slice

All the wood is roughed and ready for glue-up

All the wood is roughed and ready for glue-up

Spreading the glue

Spreading the glue

My entire clamp collection...

My entire clamp collection…

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