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Turkey fan mount day-2

With the glue dried, I traced the patterns onto the wood heavily with a ballpoint pen, then removed the patterns and traced over the dents left behind in the wood.

Pattern traced for cutting

Pattern traced for cutting

Cutting with the bandsaw

Cutting with the bandsaw

I have a 1/4″ blade for my bandsaw for cutting curves like this, but currently I have my 3/4″ blade installed for re-sawing. Since this is a small project, I didn’t bother with the trouble of changing the blades. Instead, I placed a series of relief cuts around the parts and cut a series of straight lines around the curves, giving the boards a polygon-like shape.

Relief cuts

Relief cuts

This was easily smoothed out with the 3″ drum on my spindle sander.

Sanding the rough edges

Sanding the rough edges

Rounding over the edges

Rounding over the edges

With all the edges smooth, I clamped the two plates together in their proper orientation and drilled two counter-sunk holes in the rear panel to attach the front with wood screws. After testing the assembly, I removed the screws and went to the router table. Next I installed a 3/8″ round-over bit in my router, set just high enough to leave a small bead along the face, then ran both plates along the bit. With the edges rounded, I again assembled the display mount. I used a keyhole bit to create a mounting hole in the back. Now it can easily hang from a screw in the wall.

Here are the plans in case you anyone did not find them on the previous post.

turkey fan mount.PDF

Routed and sanded

Routed and sanded

And here is the finished mount:

Finished and mounted

Finished and mounted

3 comments on “Turkey fan mount day-2

  1. Garry
    October 1, 2018

    Thanks for plans very helpful. How did you attach the feathers to back plate?

    • Lwroten
      October 2, 2018

      I make these for a friend of mine. He says that he runs a single screw through the base of the fan, into the back plate, before attaching the front part. He gets the fan from his Taxidermist with a clump of epoxy holding the ends of the feathers together. That is where the screw goes through. Glad the plans were helpful. I hope this helps as well.

  2. Martha
    November 24, 2022

    Helloo mate nice post

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