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Ironing board storage cabinet – day 4

It has been a few days since I worked on this cabinet. I finally have the new table saw up and running so I could cut down the door panel to a size that would fit through my planer. Over the last couple days I have been planing and scraping the glue joints on the wider panels. I glued them up last weekend when I wasn’t feeling well, and I didn’t do as good of a job as I normally do. The joints required a lot of clean up. I spent some time sanding all of the panels down smooth. they look much nicer without all that glue…

Sanding the last of the panels

Sanding the last of the panels

After sanding, I ripped a half inch or so off of either side of the door panel.

Ripping the door panel down to size

Ripping the door panel down to size

I could then fit it in my planer, so I ran it through. The panel isn’t quite 3/4″ any more, but it should work just fine.

Planing down the door panel

Planing down the door panel

Now that I have all the big pieces ready, I can begin assembling the cabinet. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to put it together. I don’t think I will need to assemble this one with dados. Glueing, a few brad nails, and a few pocket screws should do the trick. I am going to put a few shelves inside, I intend to mount a ceramic tile to one shelf. This should act as a hot plate if the iron is returned to the cabinet while still hot.

Boards glued, planed, & sanded

Boards glued, planed, & sanded

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