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Sacristy cabinet delivery

I won’t have time to get into the shop today so I am posting the pictures of the sacristy cabinet that I delivered this past weekend. Since the cabinet was too wide to lay flat in the bed of my truck, I borrowed a friend and his trailer. We laid it flat on its back on moving blankets and tied it down.

Loaded on the trailer

Loaded on the trailer

When we arrived at Saint Peter’s, I drafted a couple of teenagers that were still hanging around after mass. We stood the cabinet up on a couple of dollies and wheeled it into the church. When we got it to the door of the sacristy, Ed and I shifted the cabinet off of the dollies and onto some plastic furniture mover pads. They were easier to remove, once the cabinet was in place, then the dollies would have been. It is a small room, and there was not a lot of space to take a good picture.

Wheeled in on dollies

Wheeled in on dollies

Even though the cabinet was made with white oak, once stained, it matched the existing red oak furnishings pretty well.

Through the door

Through the door

Cabinet installed

Cabinet installed

That's me in the corner...

That’s me in the corner…

Cabinet loaded

Cabinet loaded

2 comments on “Sacristy cabinet delivery

  1. Dave Ray
    March 4, 2013

    A job well done. Really nice cabinet, great design, build and caring respectful delivery.

    • Lwroten
      March 4, 2013

      Thanks Dave, It was an interesting project to say the least.

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