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Day 13 – Sacristy cabinet

Getting down to the home stretch. I would like to finish this weekend. Today my youngest son and I spent about an hour cleaning and vacuuming the shop in preparation for staining and finishing the cabinet. My nine-year old finally gave up on all the fun and went to watch cartoons. I broke out the stain and an old tee-shirt and started staining the top. After that, I started on the divider panels. This managed to take up nearly every clear space left in my shop. I even put a few pieces on the router table (surface covered with cardboard). For my birthday, this year, My little helper gave me a “paint and odor” respirator mask. I thought this would be a good time to try it since it was too cold out to open the windows. It worked very well, the fumes didn’t bother me at all. After everything was stained, I still had the outfeed wing on my workbench clear. Seemed like a good place to start applying urethane to the spindles. Since I didn’t want to have them dripping and sticking to my bench, I used some clamps and some 4″ stock to create some temporary rails to rest the dowel ends on. After the urethane was applied, I could continue to spin the spindles to check for drips. It worked well and I was done those in about an hour. Since everything needs to dry and there is no place left to work, I will knock off early tonight. I still have at least an hour before midnight. Time enough to post this before I go to bed.

Starting the staining

Starting the staining

Fumes were starting to get to me...

Fumes were starting to get to me…

Every clear surface gets used

Every clear surface gets used

Any port in a storm...

Any port in a storm…

Main body stained

Main body stained

Drawer faces stained

Drawer faces stained

Urethaneing the spindles

Urethaneing the spindles

First coat done on the spindles

First coat done on the spindles

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