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Maple & Purpleheart crib – delivered

Crib is finished and the family is back home, so I packed up everything in my wife’s car and brought it over.

IMG_3890 (1280x960)

Patrick helped me unload and set up.

IMG_3895 (1280x960)

I bought some stick on rubber feet so the crib wouldn’t slide.

IMG_3897 (1280x960)

IMG_3902 (1280x960)

We installed the frame and the crib was ready to see if the mattress fit.

IMG_3905 (1280x960)

The mattress they picked out fit perfectly, so we installed the skirt and made the bed.

IMG_3911 (1280x960)


And here is baby Charlotte giving it a test drive. She looked like a tiny little peanut in there.


Adam brought in the rest of the family for a look as well…


Well, everybody is happy, so my work is done.

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