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Laundry room cabinets – day 12 – delivered

Been a busy weekend, but I haven’t been in the shop much. I did have off today so I had a chance to deliver and install the cabinets that I have been working on.

Setting the support frame

Setting the support frame

I started by setting the support frame-work in place and screwing it to the wall on either side. I added a support to the front-right side because there was no stud over there. Next, I set the cabinet boxes in place and clamped them all tightly together. Once all was clamped up, I screwed the upper and lower box frames together, then screwed the support frame to the bottom of the boxes.

Installing the cabinet boxes

Installing the cabinet boxes

I installed some small 3/4″ “L” brackets to the front-center edges of the boxes. This will allow me to attach to the face frame in the middle of the verticals. I clamped the face frame into place and screwed it to the cabinets from the cabinet side. No screws visible from the front.

Face frame attached

Face frame attached

As I attached the lower face frame, I found an error in my calculations. I made the stupid vertical support on the right side 1″ too tall. I thought I figured it correctly, but I didn’t. I decided to go ahead and install it anyway. I will build a tapered threshold, to go below the doorway. It will actually keep the two verticals spaced properly, so it is a good thing. I spent about an hour attaching all of the hinge hardware and getting all of the doors lined up. It was a lot easier when I had the face frame laying down…

Doors installed and line up

Doors installed and line up

The last thing to add was the piece of crown molding to the top. I attached it with my 18 gauge nail gun.

Crown molding installed

Crown molding installed

I should be able to get the new threshold made and urethaned this week.

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