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Laundry room cabinets – day 11

Just a couple of hours in my shop today to finish up this project.

Sanding down the first coat

Sanding down the first coat

I took a scotch-brite scrub pad to all of the surfaces that were urethaned yesterday. This roughs up the surface a bit and knocks down the dust nibs that landed after I sprayed or brushed. I usually prefer steel wool, but that was in the cabinet that is buried behind my spray booth area. The steel wool is also a lot more mess to clean up. With a project this size, I would have a ton of broken steel wool bits everywhere.

Sanding down the first coat

Sanding down the first coat


Applying second coat

Applying second coat

I won’t bore you with too many pictures. I sprayed everything in the spray booth and brushed everything outside it. I managed to use nearly every last drop of the second pint of polyurethane. I am getting better at estimating finish when I spray. Last time I had to go buy another pint…

Second coat applied with sprayer

Second coat applied with sprayer

With the urethaning done, I left my respirator on and donned some heavy-duty rubber gloves, to begin cleaning the sprayer. Cleaning is easy with water-based finish, you just fill the canister with water and spray. With the solvent based poly that I am using, I need lacquer thinner. It is the nastiest chemical in my house. I tried using the blue nitrile gloves before, but they just melted off my hands as soon as they got into the thinner.  I did not need to linger long at this task. Just submerge everything and give it a quick brush off, the thinner does the rest.

Caustic cleanup...

Caustic cleanup…

I will probably take down the spray booth tomorrow, but I will let all of the cabinet parts cure for a couple of days. I don’t want to deliver the cabinets smelling like fresh sprayed poly. I also have a spot or two to touch up with the brush, I am sure. I also want to make a support bracket that I may not need, but I would rather have it, just in case.

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