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Packing for another Appalachia mission trip

I am packing up again for my church’s annual mission trip  to Preston county West Virginia. I won’t have WiFi for the next week, so I won’t be putting up a post until I get back.

DSCN4686 (1280x960)

I spent yesterday and today charging batteries and sorting through my tools trying to narrow down what I would need.

DSCN4687 (1280x960)

Volunteers at our parish have done some good work over the past 20 years or so. This will be my fifth year. My older two teenagers are going with me again. We split into several groups and work to repair or improves homes in the area.

Wheel chair ramp 2013

Wheel chair ramp 2013

Last year, my group built a 40′ wheel chair ramp for a lady who hadn’t been out of her house in six months, due to being confined to a wheel chair.

ramp and deck 2012

ramp and deck 2012

We built a front porch and wheel chair ramp the year before as well.

Roof 2011

Roof 2011

It’s not all ramps, we repaired a roof, over a trailer that collapsed under 4′ of snow, back in 2011.

coal shed 2012

coal shed 2012

Coal sheds, small additions, replaced windows and doors, you name it.

addition 2010

addition 2010

Every year, we take a group of teens to help people out and make new friends. In a week or so, I should have a bunch of pictures and maybe a few stories to pass on.

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