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Maple and walnut blanket chests – day 10 – complete

I got up bright and early this morning to get the last coat on the chests. I gave the surface a quick once-over with some fine sand paper and sprayed the boxes with their final coat. Two hours later, I went back down and put the final coat on the back side of the lids as well. When they were all dry, around noon, I loaded them up and delivered them to the parish center where the silent auction will be held. I also dropped off the carvings that I did a couple of weeks ago, as well.

Hopefully Saint Peter’s will make a few dollars on the chests. If you are interested in bidding on one, feel free to stop by tomorrow.

Saint Peter’s Christmas in the Country Holiday Art & Craft Show Festival.

DSCN2796 (1280x960)

DSCN2799 (1280x960)

DSCN2800 (1280x960)

DSCN2801 (1280x960)

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