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A few more carvings

I have been busy the last few days working on some designs for the next couple of projects, so I haven’t posted much. I have been running the Carvewright a bit. One of my current tasks is to generate a few carvings for saint Peter’s to sell at their Holiday Art & Craft Show Festival.

I downloaded a few free images from some different sites on the web and I have been running test carvings. The first one shown here is a baby’s hand wrapped around an adult’s finger. It was carved into poplar, but the contrast in the grain really drew the eye away from the carving itself. I cut some acrylic paint in half with water and did a wash across the fingers until the grain had faded, then added a white border.

Baby's hand in Poplar

Baby’s hand in Poplar

The next one is the same image, but smaller and carved into cherry. I had hoped the coloring would be closer to skin.

Baby's hand in Cherry

Baby’s hand in Cherry

Holy family in Maple

Holy family in Maple

The last one shown here is a carving of the holy family in maple. I think it turned out pretty good. Hardly any grain to take away from the image. The maple shows the shadows a bit better than the walnut did on the last supper carving.

Holy family

Holy family

I am not sure yet how I want to trim and finish these, but I will keep experimenting.

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