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AJ’s custom Stratocaster – day 8

The first coat of tung oil has dried. It soaks in pretty deep, so you don’t get much of a shine until the third or fourth coat.

First coat dried

First coat dried

Rubbing it down

Rubbing it down

Since the finish soaks in, not much dust gets stuck to the outside of the guitar. Instead of sanding the first coat down, I am going to try just a simple rub-down with a piece of a brown paper bag. That is usually what I use to polish the final coat, but it seems to be enough to smooth things down.

Second coat applied

Second coat applied

The second coat goes on quickly. It only takes a few minutes. I let this coat dry for half a day and came back later to repeat for a third coat. I didn’t bother attaching pictures of the third coat, they all look the same until the finish starts to build up.

Edge shot

Edge shot

Finishing the control pocket

Finishing the control pocket

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