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AJ’s custom Stratocaster – day 2

Glad I didn’t have the energy to finish working on the inlay yesterday. AJ decided on a slight change to the design. I am now going to inlay his initials above the pickups and terminate the original stripes at the pickups and the initials. I was still lacking energy today so I didn’t work on the cabinet. Instead, I fooled around with the initials. I started by planing a scrap piece of maple down to 1/2″ thick. I am only going to inlay the initials 1/4″ deep, so I don’t want it to be too thick.

Planing down a piece of maple

Planing down a piece of maple

Once I cut a small piece off of the maple, to use for the letters, I used spray-glue on the back of my template to affix it to the maple.

Spray-on glue

Spray-on glue

Initials glued to the maple

Initials glued to the maple

New template

New template

Drilling out the inner openings

Drilling out the inner openings

Once the glue set up, I drilled as large a hole as I could inside each letter. I then fed the scroll saw bit through the hole and cut out the inside openings.

Cutting the inside corners

Cutting the inside corners

Next, I finished cutting the outsides of each of the letters. I took a small file to the inside openings to clean them up. I sanded off any high-points that the saw blade may have left behind. I am probably going to give it another day or two before cutting into the guitar body to do the inlay.

Cutting out the "B"

Cutting out the “B”

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