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Ipad frame

Just a quick post today. I have a friend who was recently drug kicking and screaming into the 21st century. He is a guitar player who does one-man gigs with recordings of the rest of the band playing along with him. When his mini-disc player died, we talked him into putting all his music onto an I-pad and loading all the lyrics as well. Now all he needs is his I-pad , a mic, and an amp. He wanted to be able to mount his I-pad to a microphone stand, so he had it right at eye level in case he needed to read lyrics. I came up with a simple frame cut from a single piece of walnut. then attached a thick back with threaded inserts and machine screws to the rear. We mounted the mic adaptor to the back panel for attachment to a standard mic stand. I don’t have any pictures of it in use, but I have a few showing some really pretty grain.

Ipad frame side

Ipad frame side

Ipad frame

Ipad frame

Frame rear

Frame rear

Ipad frame

Ipad frame

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