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Shadow box

A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker asked if I could make a shadow box for a book that she received as a gift. Last night I finally had a chance to get started on it. I want to make it out of walnut so I started by rooting through my scrap pile of left-overs from the walnut chest I made. I had a couple pieces left of the resawn panel so I made a back panel for the box with the big piece and a mock-up of the book with another. Since the book is older and a bit valuable, I made the mock-up for any spacing or test fitting I needed to do. This way I don’t damage the book.

The book and its stunt double...

The book and its stunt double…

I grabbed some 3/4″x1-1/2″ pieces and routed a rabbet to receive the back panel.

Rabbeted rails

Rabbeted rails

A couple of cuts on the miter saw and the rails were ready for assembly.



I put a little glue on each face of the miter and clamped them together. I put a few pin nails in the corners to hold them while they dried.

Glueing and nailing the corners

Glueing and nailing the corners

I put a small bead of glue around the rabbet and applied the back panel. I placed a few pin nails to hold that in place as well. I have a few small hinges that I will use to mount a frame with glass to the front.

Rails and back assembled

Rails and back assembled

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