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Dining room bench build – day one

Now that's a dust collector!

Now that’s a dust collector!

I have a couple of friends just down the road who asked me if I could build two benches for their dining room table. Since I don’t sleep much, and I gave up Television for Lent, I said “Sure, why not?”. Before I could start, I needed some wood. I took a ride with my buddy Ed down to Vintage Lumber in Woodsboro, MD. The first thing you see when you go to vintage lumber is the dust collection system. I don’t care what kind of dust collector you have, Alex has a bigger one.

Oops, I think Ed broke the sign...

Oops, I think Ed broke the sign…

While they are famous for their reclaimed vintage hardwoods, they also sell new kiln dried woods as well. I got about 30 board feet of 4/4 white oak for the project. Alex gave me a good price, about half of what I would have paid at the local HD, but of a higher quality.

Alex and the wood for my benches

Alex and the wood for my benches

Alex has a huge shop where they prep old and new wood and turn it into flooring, mouldings, beams, etc. I will have to come back one day and take some better pictures and maybe a field trip over to his storage building. I think you could fit three of my houses in it. But unfortunately, I was in a hurry today. For now, there is a link to his website on my blog if you want more info. Picking up the wood was all I had time for today, so here are a few shots of his shop. Check back tomorrow and I should be starting to mill down the wood and glue it up.

Piles of hardwood flooring

Piles of hardwood flooring

one heck of an outfeed table

one heck of an outfeed table

Some vintage equipment?

Some vintage equipment?

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