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Reception desk – day 10

Day three of finishing looked just like the day before, so I didn’t bother to post it.

Removing the loose bristles

Removing the loose bristles

I decided, for the last two coats, that I would brush straight, undiluted polyurethane onto the upper counter top as well as the door. A big tip when using cheap, disposable chip brushes: Pull repeatedly on the bristles! Better they come out in your hand than in your finish.

Thicker coat on top

Thicker coat on top

These two items will probably get a bit more use than the other wood areas, so a little extra protection was applied. These two areas were also flat and less likely to develop runs.

Thicker coat on the door as well

Thicker coat on the door as well

The rest of the desk got a third and fourth coat of the thinner wiping poly.

Two more coats of wiping poly

Two more coats of wiping poly


Final coat

Final coat

Finish finally complete!

Final coat

Final coat

I decided to go ahead and pull off the masking while the poly was drying.



No particular reason, other than impatience. I wanted to see the finished product.

Frog tape worked great

Frog tape worked great

The Frog tape worked great, not a drop rolled under the tape.

I think it turned out great.

Since the finish was still wet, I was careful removing the tape under the shelves.

Well, here is the final product. I only have the door hardware to attach when it is dry.

3 comments on “Reception desk – day 10

  1. dtugboat
    April 30, 2015

    Another outstanding project completed. Thanks for allowing us to follow along

  2. Michael Mathews
    May 1, 2015

    beautiful! nice job. …again!

  3. Lwroten
    May 1, 2015

    Thanks for the nice compliments. I really appreciate them.

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