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12′ Cherry Conference room table – delivered

No rain today, so I packed up the table into my old Dodge and headed to church.

All packed up

All packed up

I took my older son and put him and Father Jason to work, helping me haul all the pieces of the table down to the conference room.

Setting up

Setting up

We located the table then brought down one of the tops.

Attaching the top beams

Attaching the top beams

I screwed the top beams into place while the guys brought down the other top.

Locating the marks on the first sheet

Locating the marks on the first sheet

I lined up my marks on the first side and screwed it down.

Screwing in the first half

Screwing in the first half

Eric and moved the other top to line up the pins, and I latched it into place.

Lining up and latching the second sheet in place

Lining up and latching the second sheet in place

Then I proceeded to screw down the other side.



With both sides fixed into place, I tried to get Father Jason to do a full load test, but he only leaned on the top.

Final load test...

Final load test…

Everything went together smoothly with no surprises.

It is out of my hands now. The table looks lonely without any chairs, but as far as I know, that is not my problem…

On to the next project…

One comment on “12′ Cherry Conference room table – delivered

  1. dtugboat
    December 26, 2014

    Another job well done, and well documented. Thank you and Merry Christmas

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